Sunday, May 3, 2009

About Free Christmas Scrapbooking Goodies

Christmas ornament scrapbook embellishmentWelcome to Free Christmas Scrapbooking Goodies!

This blog is dedicated to providing free Christmas scrapbooking papers and embellishments. From Santa to Christmas stockings to mistletoe to religious Christmas images, I'll post it all here -- and all of it will be free.

I make my own clip art, scrapbook papers and embellishments with Picnik, so you'll see a fair amount of shiny, very modern images, like the Christmas ornament to the right. (By the way, if you click on the ornament, you'll see an extra-large-sized version you can download. I made it large so the image will have great resolution, no matter what size you use it.) If you want to make your own free images for Christmas or any other holiday or occasion, read my tutorial that explains how to make your own clipart with Picnik.

I'll also post some of the vast number of vintage Christmas images that come from my personal vintage and Victorian art collection, and from Vintagerio, a subscription vintage art download site that I represent. You can see more of my collection at my Vintage Holiday Crafts free vintage art site or by downloading my Free Clip Art Sourcebook, which contains both vintage and contemporary art for all occasions.

By the time I'm through posting all the Christmas scrapbooking papers and embellishments I want to share, this blog will hold a large compilation indeed. I want you to have a great time creating scrapbooks and otehr things with these images but I also ask that you obey the Terms of Use, which is posted in the sidebar. I'm sure you'll agree that the terms are more than fair. If you have any questions or special requests, please feel free to write to me at the e-mail address contained in the terms of use.

I hope you enjoy all the free Christmas scrapbook papers and embellishments to come!


Carla Chadwick

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