Monday, May 4, 2009

Free Snowflake Scrapbook Paper

free snowflake scrapbook paperClick the snowflake scrapbook paper to see a larger version

This snowflake scrapbook paper is so versatile because you don't necessarily have to celebrate Christmas to use it. Snowflakes are a universal sign of winter, so it can be used for winter vacation or Hanukkah scrapbooks, as well as for Christmas. The fact that it's blue also makes it a suitable background for Hanukkah.

The beautiful snowflakes on this scrapbook paper are all the same, but in real life every snowflake is different. We all know that but have you ever stopped to think about how incredible that is? How many snowflakes must there be in just one winter storm in one city? When you multiply that by all the snow storms every year in all the cities on earth, that's a lot of variation. Of course, it would be impossible to prove that each snowflake is unique. Someone would have to catch each one and examine it. The logistics of that would be staggering! I'm sure plenty of scientific samples have been taken over the years that suggest that each snowflake is really an individual entity. Even if there weren't any evidence, it's a nice thought that there could be so much diversity in nature.

I hope you enjoy this snowflake scrapbook paper and find a good use for it. If you make something fun, please feel free to leave me a comment about how you used it or post a URL of photos so I can see it. I love to know that people are enjoying these Christmas scrapbook images!

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