Thursday, September 17, 2009

Christmas Stockings Scrapbook Paper

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This vintage Christmas scrapbook paper isn't actually a scanned image of old paper but it is comprised of three very old Christmas stocking images I had in my collection. You can find the individual pieces of art on my vintage Christmas images hub or on this post on the blog you're reading now. You can also see another version of this paper on my new hub, along with many other winter and Christmas scrapbook papers.

The three Christmas stockings are all quite different, yet they fit well together. One is a striped stocking filled with holiday toys and some sort of strange foliage. The second one reminds me of that old song "Dolly with a Hole in Her Stocking" that one of my aunts used to sing, because in this case "Dolly" actually lives inside a stocking with a hole at the toe. And the third one looks like it's a man's black sock with a red heel and toe that someone emblazoned with antique-looking lettering that reads, "Christmas Stocking." It's a good thing they did, because without that lettering you'd just think it was a plain illustration of a sock. They were all obviously created by different artists and they could even be from different eras, I think they fit well together nonetheless.

I hope you enjoy using this paper design and can make something fun out of it. Feel free to leave a comment telling me what you made. I'd love to know. Personally, I'm thinking about experimenting with soaking paper doilies in tea to give them an aged look, drying them out and combining them with this image and some ribbon and bows to make Christmas cards. I'm feeling inspired!

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